Hill Country Volleyball Full Season Club

We've heard from a number of you. We've taken your insights and attempted to address them as we move forward.

Specifically, concerns centered around the following areas:

1) Length of Season
2) Quality of Coaching and Training
3) Time Involved Traveling to Practices and Matches
4) Costs, including Fees and Travel

We believe we can offer solutions to all of these and more!

Next season, we will sponsor a 12's team.

The season will run January through April, 2024.

USA Volleyball Age is determined by your daughter's age on 7/1/2024.


Training will be at the heart of what we do. Individual improvement will be key. Every practice will include technical and small group training, ensuring that your daughter gets better at the skills necessary to allow her to succeed. Teams will consist of 12 players. This is critical to allow for each team to experience game-like training in practice, as well.

Each team will play in eight tournaments, with five being Local (San Antonio area), one day tournaments, two being Area (SA/Austin), two day tournaments, and culminating in the Lone Star Regional tournament, a two day event in Houston, at the end of April. We will take the week of Spring Break (Boerne ISD) off to allow for family vacation plans.

We will practice two days a week, two hours per practice...Sundays and a weekday, most likely Monday or Tuesday. On the weeks where we play on Sunday, we will practice just one day that particular week. All practices will take place in Boerne.

Success will be defined by improvement made by each and every player, each and every day of training. At this age, your daughter has a long volleyball journey ahead of her. It is our desire to help set her up for a lifetime of volleyball success and enjoyment.

Fees for the season will be competitive, which includes the cost of two coaches per team (salaries and travel) based 12 players, uniforms, gear, entry fees to 8 tournaments, court rental, etc. Shoes will not be provided, as every kid has different footwear needs.

Our lives seem busier than ever and our kids are being pulled in many different directions. Our desire is to provide National-level Volleyball training in Boerne, while saving your family precious time and money. Given that we will be sponsoring just one team next season, you will have our full attention. Travis Clark will be the head coach. As director of coaching, I will personally oversee the development of each team and each player.

We know that there are many great options for club volleyball. Each family is unique, and each girl is at a different stage of her personal journey. If this type of training is attractive to you and playing club for Hill Country is something you are interested in for the 2022-23 season, we hope you'll consider a tryout.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Pat Stangle