Each Member of Hill Country Volleyball Club will have access to College Promoters USA and their recruiting services.  Here is what you can expect from this great partner.

One-on-one Guidance

College Promoters USA provides professional marketing, exposure, and personal one-on-one guidance for every athlete we have the privilege of representing through their entire high school career.

Our hands-on and one-of-a-kind system includes national (and even international exposure when requested) via the College Promoters USA website at www.CollegePromotersUSA.comThis includes the creation of the student-athlete’s interactive Recruiting Profile, with unlimited updates along the way, plus the creation of their professional, emebdded online videos that are always produced right here in-house by our video production team as many times as necessary throughout the entire recruiting process.

Personal & Hands-on Approach

We initially approach coaches and programs of interest on your student-athlete’s behalf from our personalized and direct e-mail process specifically about your recruit. These emails and contacts are done straight from the hands of our recruiting professionals. Our work is not done purely through some generic “mass e-mail system”. Instead, we pride ourselves on our personal and hands-on approach to working with you and your athlete as well as our direct contacts and communication with coaches at the next level. Our staff regularly engages in follow-up and direct phone conversations with college coaches and recruiting coordinators on your athlete’s behalf as well as well ongoing email, text, and social media communication.

Please understand we are not some “come one, come all” national telemarketing website that you’ll never meet or speak to. We have been family owned and operated since College Promoters was created in 1997 and are now entering our 20th year in business. We have represented nearly 3,500 athletes to date and every athlete in our program receives multiple scholarship opportunities to compete at the college level.

Recruiting Efforts with REAL Results

Don’t be misled by one of the money-driven and online-based “warehouse websites” that enroll 20,000+ athletes every year all over the country. (Yes, you read that right… 20,000+ kids every YEAR!) Your athlete is already a needle in the haystack. Do you REALLY think college coaches are searching through 20,000+ “prospects” on a massive website looking at random high school athletes to contact and recruit? Don’t be fooled or be lied to. They’re not. Coaches recruit athletes that they are informed about via their staff, through trusted sources, businesses and/or individuals just like College Promoters. Coaches also recruit from their live, direct and in-person recruiting efforts at actual events, camps, showcases, and combines. The key is landing being on their radar before attending these events and be proactive in driving coaches physically to your court to watch you compete out in the club circuit especially. We specialize in making that happen.

Becoming just another name on a “warehouse website” and another “sale” for their telemarketing salesforce is a drastic mistake that tens of thousands of families are making every year. College Promoters USA hand selects each and every athlete that enters our program. It is this attention and individual approach to each family that has led to the highest placement percentage of any company in the industry.

Our home office location, in the Ventura Plaza at 434 N. Loop 1604 West here in San Antonio, is open 6 days a week to serve all of our enrollees and their families personally, face-to-face, via email and of course over the telephone if needed anytime!

You’ll always have direct access to our team and we look forward to working together alongside Hill Country Volleyball for years to come!